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Cold Blow Cooler Upgrade

How to minimize production costs by reducing energy consumption.
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TFT barge construction group. Engineering, procurement & construction of pump barges Edmonton, Calgary, Alberta

Oil Sands Tailings Pump Barges

How to float three 750 Ton Pump Barges in a Harsh Environment and reduce the need for new tailings ponds...
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Flash Tanks Replacement

How to replace corroded tanks within the confines of an existing plant?
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Harmac process engineers Alberta

Pulp Mill Turbine Generator

How to make secondary revenue by converting steam to export-ready electrical power
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Boiler power reduction industrial engineers canada

Boiler Power Reduction

Fan electric power costs cut in half. Reliability issues and boiler downtime dramatically reduced.
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slurry pump in canada, fluid engineering, mine tailings solution pump engineering, portable oil extraction skids

‘Portable’ Pump Skids

How to float 750 tonnes of equipment and get the plant to exceed processing expectations...
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Oil Sands Tailings Corridor

Suncor is an integrated energy company which pioneered the world’s first commercially successful oil sands operation in
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Swiss Water Engineering BC, Swiss Water Engineering Alberta, Swiss Water Engineering Canada

Coffee Decaffeination Plant Expansion

How to minimize costs at the procurement stage to prevent budget overruns before they happen...
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Kemano Hydroelectric Plant – Generator Cooling Water

How to cost efficiently update and aged piping system, and improve operability and safety of design.
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Tailings Engineering Calgary, Tailings Engineering Alberta, Tailings Engineering Edmonton

Diamond Mine Pit Tailings – Slurry Pipeline

How to move tailings over 4 km in a harsh environment, affordably...
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Engineering Firms Vancouver BC , Mechanical Engineering Vancouver, Pulp and Paper Engineering BC

MFT Multiple Dredge Piping Barge

How to extract MFT from ever deepening tailings pond...
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White Liquor Pressure Filter

Daishowa-Marubeni International (DMI) owns and operates the Peace River Pulp Division (PRPD) mill, located in Peace Rive
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Cold Depot Refrigeration Piping – Stress Analysis

How to efficiently analyze pressure piping systems to ensure safety and compliance with provincial regulatory authorit
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process engineers BC, Process Engineering BC - pulp and paper engineering bc

Recycled Bleached Kraft Warehouse Expansion

How to recover a failing project and reduce the looming budget overrun...
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Refrigeration Piping Stress Analysis

Polar Industries is a lower Vancouver Lower Mainland contractor whose work includes turnkey design-build services for co
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Ferrosilicon Media Addition System Upgrade

How to extract diamonds from mined material through Dense Media Separation batch processing
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Utility Bridges Project

Rio Tinto Alcan Primary Metal – British Columbia (RTA) owns and operates the aluminum plant in Kitimat, BC.
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